About TPAS

Hi, I’m Frank.

I recently got back into tabletop wargaming after a break of 15+ years. While I continued D&D gaming for that whole time, I stopped painting fantasy models several years ago, but now I’m fully into painting again and have a couple (OK, a few) armies on the go, and now I’m getting into historical gaming, starting with WW2 and other eras, which I’ve always wanted to try!

The BEST thing about being a middle-age gamer is that now I can finally afford a wide range of paints, real pro-quality brushes and all those tools I really wanted back in the day! I’ve come a long way since having only handful enamel colors and cheap plastic brushes…

This site is just to show off various historical wargaming models I get around to painting and where I can show my attempts at various techniques and models I never would have attempted so long ago.

I also have another site called Tiny Plastic Spacemen, which is where my sci-fi, fantasy and steampunk models live – please check it out!

I’ve got another blog I administer that’s for my gaming group called Hammertime 40K, which is where many of the early posts on this site were first posted. If you’re interested in battle reports (video or photo) and general links and things about Warhammer 40K (and a bit of Blood Bowl, X-Wing Miniatures, Warmachine and other stuff), please check out that site too.

Please follow the blog, post comments, questions, critiques and more! I read every comment and try to reply to everybody :)

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